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Using Personalization Where It Matters Most

Using Personalization Where It Matters Most

As consumers have learned to simply unsubscribe from emails — and do so with increasing frequency — marketers are turning to personalization as one way to get their attention. And they’ve found it works. Open rates increase 64% when emails are customized.1 That trend toward personalization has grown in direct mail as well.

It’s a simple idea: Seeing our name in print or in a subject line makes us feel acknowledged and even a bit special. It’s no different than the joy we felt as children searching for our names on gift shop tchotchkes.

Yet adding individuals’ names isn’t the only way marketers can tailor their approach. While about 40% of companies stick to the basics like name, location and demographics, opportunities exist to personalize based on lifestyle details, family details, social profiles, occupations and more.2

The next time you’re working on an email or direct mail campaign, make the most of consumer data. Consider these ideas:

  • Vary messaging — If your audience is split between single people and families, make some simple variations in copy. A simple message of “you and your family” can appeal to the latter; removing it elsewhere can avoid alienating others.
  • Consider photography — Some companies have seen success by segmenting a direct mail piece to women and men by swapping out the photo. Tailoring photography by age or hobby can be effective as well.
  • Think geographically — If you’re sending a mailer in winter, think about how your photography could reflect what your recipients are currently experiencing. Pictures of kids having a snowball fight make sense in Minnesota. In south Texas, it’s a different story.
  • Tailor your offers — Look at what your past customers have purchased. If you own an outdoor gear shop, for example, you could send people who routinely buy climbing gear different messages and offers than those who prefer fishing supplies.

The good news is variable printing has made personalization easier and more affordable than ever before. Learn how we’ve made it happen on a grand scale for a market leader of personalized books.

Wondering how you could bring personalization to your next project? Ask us for ideas.

1 VB Insight. Marketing Personalization: Maximizing Relevance and Revenue. Available at:
2 VB Insight. Identity and Marketing: Capturing, Unifying and Using Customer Data to Drive Revenue Growth. Available at:

Making Data Security a Priority: SOC2 Audit

SOC2 Data Security

Direct mail and online campaigns don’t just involve great design, smart copywriting and beautiful execution. They also require a lot of data. And keeping that data secure is essential – especially if you’re dealing with confidential, health and financial data.

Since launching SeaChange, we’ve made protecting your data a priority, and we recently received a Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 attestation of compliance report. SOC2 reports assure you that we use secure practices and suitably designed controls to maintain compliance and security.

In addition to the SOC2 audit, we’ve taken steps including:
•    Having an extremely strong Information Security Program based on ISO 27001/2 and NIST CSF (Cyber Security Framework)
•    Earning HITRUST certification
•    Using strong encryption for both data at rest and data in transit
•    Using two-factor authentication
•    Building strong physical access controls
•    Cleansing files at the end of their data lifecycle using secure DoD level data wiping

What does it all mean? It means you and your target audience can rest assured we’re doing everything we can to keep your data safe.

If you’re interested in the details, Arin Brown, our chief technology officer, would be happy to talk tech with you.

Women in Business Awards Recognize Wendi

Each year the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal recognizes women who have truly excelled — not only in their professional lives but also as leaders and role models — with its Women in Business awards. This year, we’re excited to announce that the committee recognized what we’ve long known: Our President and CEO Wendi Breuer is pretty amazing.

Wendi has been a leader in Minnesota and beyond since long before our 2014 launch. And if you’ve had the opportunity to work with her, you know her naturally inquisitive disposition, leadership style and passion for the changing print industry have helped make SeaChange unique.

One of our clients, Kasey Hatzung from Fusion Hill, explained it this way: “Wendi’s energy, beauty and laughter abound. Her business savvy is ‘Shark Tank’ worthy. But it’s her kindness that is magnetic. While she juggles the world in one hand, she has the enviable ability to be present — giving time, respect and laser focus to each person she interacts with. Always putting others first, Wendi is quick to give credit where it’s due and steers clear of the limelight.”

Of course, Wendi’s energetic and inspiring nature extends far beyond our office walls. You may also see her volunteering for organizations including Minneapolis Crisis Nursery, Toys for Tots, PIM, Girl Scouts and her children’s school. She also mentors young women whenever she has the chance and is a board member of NAWBO.

SeaChange becomes certified member of PIM Great Printer Environmental Initiative and celebrates with a little sweetness of chocolate from Mother Earth

Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) has certified SeaChange Print Innovations as a member of its Great Printer Environmental Initiative. To participate, printers must demonstrate a commitment to minimizing their impact on human health and the environment while producing quality printed products. Great Printers like SeaChange go beyond what is required by government agencies in environmental, health and safety (EHS) compliance.
In addition to minimizing waste, recycling waste, maximizing energy efficiency, and creating a healthier and safer work environment, SeaChange continually pursues EHS improvements. Recently, SeaChange expanded its rooftop solar panel array, doubling its renewable source of energy to 60 kWh per year. The recent installation of LED High Bay lighting with flood-grade LED IBG fixtures in the packaging and finishing area of production has improved lighting by 60 percent and increased efficiency by 12 percent. We are always searching for solutions to minimize our carbon footprint and become more efficient and sustainable.

SeaChange is celebrating this latest certification by sharing a special Earth Day campaign titled EARTH: The Chocolate Maker. With so many reasons to be grateful for Mother Earth, one of SeaChange’s favorites is her gift of chocolate. So we are sending clients, employees and partners an environmentally friendly package containing a Dagabo Organic Chocolate Bar with a reminder to enjoy the moment and celebrate Earth Day. Dagoba Organic Chocolate chooses to work with the Rainforest Alliance because, like SeaChange, it values environmental protection, social equity and economic viability for a better planet.

Welcome SeaChange New Director of Human Resources

Malissa “Missy” Winge has joined the SeaChange Team as the Director of Human Resources. Her 15 plus years of human resources experience includes developing HR processes and policies, compliance, employee relations, performance management, recruiting, benefits, compensation, safety, training and Affirmative Action. This extensive background brings expertise to SeaChange’s internal procedures and policies designed to meet our clients’ security requirements.

Missy's HR career has focused on the printing industry.  While some HR managers prefer to stay in the office area, Missy loves working with employees on the manufacturing floor. Her desire to understand the production process, equipment and coworker's needs gives her insight on how to best meet company goals and values.

As an avid Minnesota Wild hockey fan, Missy brings the same enthusiasm and drive to the printing industry. She breaks seasons into periods, understands breakaway opportunities and the importance of passing. She is a defender doing the right thing and avoiding the penalty box. As one of the coaches she believes everyone is an important player on their team, fostering a culture of respect and positivity.

Outside of the office Missy’s time is spent centered mostly around her husband and two sons. They love traveling, fine dining, hockey and the great outdoors - mostly fishing - together!  Her creative side is satisfied by time spent with friends crafting and baking her “Sweet Malissa’s” Cupcakes

Whistle While We Work

Sure, whistling may be an exaggeration. But if you visit us, you’ll see smiles from the front desk to the printing floor. That’s because SeaChange is a company that values every employee’s ideas, shares in our successes and takes incredible pride in our work. It has been part of our culture from day one, and is a major reason we were recently recognized as one of the 2016 Best Workplaces in the Americas by Printing Industries of America.

We’re grateful for the recognition, but not just for ourselves. We’re excited because we know engaged employees care about hitting deadlines, finding solutions that cut costs and creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and inspired. We invite you to visit and share in our culture.

SeaChange wins Achieve Award for Innovation in Technology

Minnesota women who are business founders, owners or partners were recognized for their achievements by National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO-MN) on Wednesday, October 26th.  The Achieve award honors these women’s contributions to the local and national economy as well as their support of women-owned businesses. 

SeaChange is very proud to win the Achieve! Award for Innovation in Technology.  With a mission to redefine print, SeaChange has embraced technology to transform its customer’s print needs.  “Technology is the cornerstone of our strategic vision in helping our customer’s grow their business,” says Wendi Breuer, SeaChange CEO.  “I am so humbled and honored to be among these women who are such true innovators in our community.”

SeaChange Brings You Strong & Stocky!

With our new digital printing capabilities for packaging, who needs small and wimpy?  Our 24pt-paperboard capable digital press will help your new product launches or personalized packaging campaigns get in shape, so let’s get moving!

SeaChange now has the region’s only Xerox® iGen®4 digital press with the ability to handle 24-point paper weights combined with the largest sheet sizes (14.33”x26”).   We’ve bulked up our ability to support your next structural design, packaging or kitting project.

SeaChange Invests for the Future in Digital Printing

SeaChange Print Innovations would like to welcome to its arsenal of digital print capabilities, the Xerox iGen4.  A variable printing dynamo.  Sure, variable digital printing is nothing new, but consider the iGen4’s rare ability to personalize or print sku intensive packaging.  Yes, packaging up to 24pt paperboard. Replacing traditional high volume package printing with the ability to run itemized, personalized or customized pieces in short run, fast turn scenarios is the way of the future. 

Major Advantages of the new SeaChange iGen4 with the heavy weight kit include:

  • Faster Print Lead Times
  • 100% Variable Data - Consecutive Numbering, Personalization
  • Short Runs, No MOQ’s
  • Low Volume Consumer Testing Programs, Club Store Testing

In recently published data by InfoTrends, forecast data projects that digitally produced packaging will demonstrate a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.7% between 2014 and 2019.  SeaChange is excited to be invested in a movement that will allow its customers to explore the newest in digital printing and creative ways to market and track their products in the future. 


We’re WBE Certified

If you’ve worked with our team already, you know it includes a lot of great women – from leadership, to sales and in operations.  Now we’ve made our emphasis on diversity official by earning Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) certification.

This national certification – overseen by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) – confirms that we’re at least 51 percent owned, controlled and managed by women.

Why is that so important? Well, we certainly believe creative approaches come from teams with a wide range of experiences and perspectives. Yet this move can also help your organization meets its diversity sourcing requirements – and hitting that goal for print suppliers certainly hasn’t been easy.

While having our WBE certification may help us get our name on your approved supplier list, we know that’s not why projects are awarded.  If you haven’t worked with us yet, try us for our proactive approach, competitive pricing and remarkably fast turnarounds.  In addition to being women-owned and operated, these are the qualities that truly make SeaChange unique.

USPS Direct Mail Promotions- 5 different ways to save $ on postage.

The Postal Regulatory Commission approved the five (5) proposed USPS Mailing Promotions for calendar year 2016. These promotions are designed to create excitement about mail, slow the decline of First-Class mail and provide multiple opportunities for mailers to enhance the value of their direct mail. Last but not least, mailers will receive a 2% upfront discount on qualifying mailpieces, with the exception of Earned Value Reply Mail Promotion that offers either a $0.02 or $0.03 rebate credit on qualifying mailpieces.

Earned Value Reply Mail Promotion.

This promotion is designed for those mailers that include Business Reply Envelope or Courtesy Reply Envelope in their direct mail marketing materials. Mailers who register their MID information and use eligible Intelligent Mail® barcodes (IMbs) on their reply pieces will receive a postage credit for each mailpiece that is returned during the promotion period.

Personalized Color Transpromo Promotion.

The 2016 Personalized Color Transpromo Promotion is intended to encourage producers of bills and statements to produce and mail statements that create a greater connection and response from consumers by using personalized color messaging. This promotion will provide an upfront postage discount to mailers who use personalized dynamic/ variable color print for transpromotional marketing and consumer messages on their bills and statements.

Emerging and Advanced Technology/Video in Print Promotion.

The USPS continues to encourage mailers to integrate direct mail with technology, providing an interactive experience for customers. To participate in the promotion, the mailpiece must incorporate any of the following technologies, including: standard NFC technology, Video in Print (ViP), Beacon technology or “enhanced” augmented reality. This year’s promotion includes an option for A/B testing.

Tactile, Sensory & Interactive Mailpiece Engagement Promotion.

This promotion encourages mailers to adopt advanced techniques on their mailpieces in order to drive customer engagement and response rates. There are three featured categories in this promotion:

  • Specialty inks
  • Specialty paper

· Interactive elements on envelope and/or mailpiece content

Mobile Shopping Promotion.

Mailers using technology platforms such as Quick Response (QR) Code, Snap Tags, Watermarks and other advanced technologies meet the criteria for this promotional discount. The goal is to lead the consumer from the mailpiece to a complete mobile optimized website. This year’s promotion adds social media opportunities through “Buy It Now” features highlighted to support shopping during social media activities.

Timing of each promotion is listed in the promotions calendar. To learn more about 2016 USPS promotions, please contact Lyuba Wallin at 763-586-3744 or

There's No Glass Ceiling at SeaChange

In fact, we’re majority women-owned!

SeaChange means transformation, and we’re shaking up the print industry by becoming one of the few female-owned and managed companies in our industry.

While we’ve had women in leadership roles since our launch, this latest move is another example of how we’re evolving. Because we know that creative approaches come from teams with a wide range of experiences and perspectives. And we also know that collaborating with a women-owned business can help your company increase your diversity spend.

When you’re considering SeaChange for your next project, we hope you’ll keep our latest transformation in mind. Of course, we trust you’ll consider our proactive approach, competitive pricing and remarkably fast turn-arounds too.

Stay tuned for news about WBENC certification. We’ve already started the process.  

An Entirely New Ball Game

Summer may be winding down, but there is still plenty of time to head to Target Field to catch the Minnesota Twins in action. While you’re there you can see yet another way SeaChange has been working in an innovative way.

SeaChange recently printed a large piece of artwork as part of the ceiling of the 1st level of the Twins Stadium, near the left field fence. This 18’ by 30’ sign was printed on barn boards with a plywood backer using our FujiFilm Aquity Advanced High Speed Press.  Our large format UV printing process allows us to create a final product that is durable in all elements.  UV lamps are utilized by energizing the ink in the curing process. The final sign was printed using white ink, generally unique to the process.

Planning this project was like creating a large format puzzle, knowing the lines of the logo must line up perfectly once in place at the stadium.  We hope you’ll have the chance see this sign for yourself.  It’s just one more example of our how our SeaChange team creatively accommodates our client’s needs, regardless of the challenge. 

Go Twins! 

Like Night To Day.

Throughout Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, the characters are transformed in personality and perspective.   Transformation is influenced by environment, and here at SeaChange our very own space has undergone an enormous change.  And, the newfound joy, energy and productivity is evident for all SeaChangers working in their new stylish and collaborative surroundings.  Many visitors have commented on its “agency type feel”. 

Our renovation started with a new roof last year, as well as a new air conditioning system, construction of a new humidity controlled digital center and production floor enhancements to support our new presses.   In the Fall of 2014, we began remodeling the office areas, as well as a full “facelift” to the area most important in welcoming you – our front lobby.  Rounding out this amazing project was the completion of our state-of-the-art customer innovation lounge, a contemporary and inspirational setting for our clients.  In addition, we created a hip new employee lunch area, and adorned our hallways with art prints (created on our own large format equipment) of photos taken with an abstract perspective of our capabilities.

SeaChange, similar to A Midsummer Night's Dream’s theme - is built from and around transformation. Come in to see it for yourself – we look forward to hosting you.

2015 NPF Highlights.


Postmaster General, Megan Brennan - USPS, and Rhea Friederichs, Director of Business Development, SeaChange Print Innovations

This year’s National Postal Forum (NPF) was a high-energy, event-filled event with close to 3,000 participants from across the country.  Held in Anaheim, the sunshine was a perfect complement to the optimistic, confident keynote delivered by our new Postmaster Megan Brennan, the 74th (and first female) PMG/CEO of the USPS.   Brennan got everyone's attention by proclaiming, “Innovation is often considered “disruptive. I think sometimes we need to be pushed by disruption and learn to harness it. In other cases, we need to be the disruptors.”

Brennan went on to say there are three key innovation platforms that will help integrate mail into the digital lives of consumers. “The first is to bridge the physical and the digital,” she explained.  One of the examples shared was Real Mail Notification, which provides a daily digital notification of mail to be delivered to a customer. In the same way we check content on social and news apps and e-mails and notifications every day, we will also be able to check to see what’s arriving in our physical mailbox.

The second key innovation platform relates to the age of transparency. “Imagine 150 million-plus people getting a daily digital notification that allows them to interact immediately with what’s in their physical mailbox,” Brennan explained. “So, when you look at the notifications section of your mobile device next year, you’ll probably see your meetings for the day, the weather forecast, a news item or two, and when your mail will be delivered.”

The third key innovation platform had to do with harnessing the power of hyper-personalized mail. She went on to share “companies are developing incredibly robust analytics and behavioral insights about their customers, and they’re using those insights to generate digital content that speaks directly to the individual.”

Brennan was refreshingly relevant as leader of the USPS. “People and businesses are communicating and marketing in ways that are evolving very quickly. We’ve become a device oriented-culture. Laptops, tablets, smartphones and now even watches are making life a digital and mobile experience.  And, when we look to the future, we see a world that is increasingly interactive, connected – and frankly, “smart.” The good news is that our industry has a big role to play in that digital future. That’s what we want to talk about over the next few days.”

Brennan concluded by noting that, although the role of mail is changing, “we take a lot of pride in delivery for the American public.” She thanked NPF attendees for being customers of the Postal Service and for our partnership in driving growth in the industry.

The workshops and educational events certainly followed the theme of a digital future.  Sessions on data analytics, ROI, print innovations, multi-channel marketing, and of course, all things postal were available and well-attended over the four days of the successful 2015 NPF.


Ink On Paper: Understanding Print Transformation.

Join SeaChange Print Innovations and Xerox at this year’s National Postal Forum in Anaheim, CA. In their workshop "Ink On Paper: Understanding Print Transformation," Rhea Friederichs, Director of Business Development - SeaChange and Shelley Sweeney, VP Direct Marketing - Xerox will share how advanced printing techniques are defining success and creating competitive advantages for many marketers. We'll discuss how to "raise the bar" through innovation, strategy and creativity.

This session will be held Period 10 on Monday, May 18 at 4:00 - 5:00 PM.

Up On The Roof.

SeaChange celebrates Earth Day 2015 with the completion of solar panel installation.

Our ongoing environmental sustainability program has – just in time for Earth Day – reached a major milestone with the completion of the installation of 1,868 square feet of solar panels on our roof. These panels will generate 28,600 KWh per year – providing a non-polluting renewable source of electricity.

SeaChange continues to bring innovative solutions to our business – and puts us in the forefront within our industry in utilizing renewable energy. And while these panels will not supply all of the electricity our facility requires for the production of our clients’ printing and marketing needs, it will reduce our overall annual consumption. CO2 gases will be reduced by 24 tons annually.

Using alternative energy is just one more choice SeaChange has made to bring innovative solutions to our business – and the environment. It’s a big deal – to us, and most importantly – to you.

All That Glitters...

The latest innovation in digital printing is being installed at SeaChange. Our Customers now have a creative, competitive advantage not previously available in the printing industry - a digital color press with metallic capabilities that enhances documents with true pantone silver 877 for variable print personalization!

The Xerox 1000i Press is the first in the industry to offer digital metallic silver ink at rated speed. Now, statements, letters, rewards checks, postcards, and self-mailers can be enhanced with eye-catching, shimmering metallic silver variable elements – amazing even the most experienced eye. Lucrative foil stamping applications, such as invitations, certificates and business cards and now migrate to short-run, high-value digital production.

Want to be a star? Do you want to accent marketing pieces with a brand-new, dramatic impression that’s both unique and memorable? Our digital center is now one of the most advanced, compelling creative solutions in the country. Call us for a discussion – all that glitters at SeaChange is not gold. It’s Silver.

Our Technology Solutions Team Just Got Stronger.

SeaChange has welcomed Frank Saaranen as the Director of IT, bringing 30+ years of print and IT experience.   Since earning a B.S. in accounting from St. Cloud State University, Frank has a solid understanding of the printing industry.

Frank is our E-Solutions foreman. His craftsmanship with SeaChange IT architecture will enable our support of our overall customer relationship approach from vertical, single-channel operations to true horizontal business processes that deliver cross-channel integration. 

Overall, Frank has a keen interest in all systems that improve internal efficiencies and support the needs of customers. For the past 15 years, he has led IT teams for RR Donnelly that focused primarily on workflow systems and customer-facing technology solutions.  And with our focus being 100% customer, this is a perfect match.

It’s an exciting time and we thank you for sharing it with us.


Behind The Ballot 2015.

On Tuesday, February 3, SeaChange will welcome over 60 State and County election officials to our Plymouth location for Behind the Ballot.

Behind The Ballot is more than an open house; its an under the hood look at what goes into producing ballots for the 84 Minnesota counties with which we partner.  The evening will be full of fun along with a guided tour of operations and a behind the curtain look at the first of its kind end-to-end ballot production system ever! 

Through embracing technology, we have created an efficient system ensuring every ballot is produced with accuracy.  And in the end, every vote counts.


A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned.

We’re excited to share some “buzz” that is making rounds in the mail industry.  As you may have heard the USPS has announced four (4) promotions for 2015. While not the number of promotions as in the past, (4 vs. 8) these seem to run for longer periods of time. The promotions are designed to save direct mailers money and generate new business – similar to past years.  Additionally, they aim to help reduce the decline in First-Class letter mail volumes.

Here is a brief description of each promotion, and a calendar is also available below:

  1. First-Class Mail Color/Trans-promo Promotion - Supports the continued growth of First-Class Mail and encourages mailers to invest in color print technology for bills and statements. Utilizing color ink on bills and statements may encourage higher responses from consumers. In 2014, an upfront postage discount was offered.
  2. Mail Drives Mobile Engagement Promotion - Demonstrates how direct mail, combined with mobile technology continues to be a convenient method for marketers to connect with their customers and facilitate more ways to do their shopping. Mail pieces will typically include scan-compatible print and mobile technology leading the recipient to mobile-optimized experience. In 2014, an upfront postage discount and rebate was offered.
  3. Earned Value Reply Mail - Slows the decline of First-Class Mail (Business Reply Mail and Courtesy Reply Mail) through a postage credit back to the mailer for each reply mail piece returned from a customer. In 2014, a postage credit was also offered on qualifying pieces.
  4. Advanced or Emerging Technologies Promotion - Encourages the use of “enhanced” augmented reality or standard Near Field Communications (NFC) technology in mailing campaigns to allow mobile devices to provide an interactive experience for the user.

Timing is available in our promotions calendar.  Here at SeaChange we use Window Book’s DAT-MAIL software to ensure your files meet the requirements for these promotions.  If you’re wanting to participate, give us a call at 763-586-3744 and ask for Lyuba Wallin – our Mailing Operations Manager and she will be delighted to answer any question you have.  Each promotion and incentive program requires separate registration, so don’t delay. If preferred, e-mail her at

Stay tuned for future updates on the finalization of these 2015 promotion and incentive programs.


Postal Industry Transformation.

Patrick Donahoe, US Postmaster General and Lyuba Wallin, Mailing Operations Manager, SeaChange Print Innovations

SeaChange means transformation and the Direct Mail Industry has been through plenty of transformation and innovation in the last decade. We went from using Postnet to Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB), from hard copy statements to seamless acceptance and eInduction. During the 2014 National Postal Forum (NPF) the focus was on the pace of change in the industry and using data and technology in innovative ways to attract and retain customers through direct mail. Meeting the Postmaster General at the NPF was not only exciting but invigorating, as he looks ahead of leveraging direct mail across multiple marketing channels.

Under the leadership of current Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe, the USPS has led continuous improvement efforts to streamline operations, improve tracking and provide greater predictability and reliability to business mailers across the country.

And this is just the beginning! In 2015 Megan J. Brennan will become the first woman to be Postmaster General – as the ideal choice to replace Patrick R. Donahoe, who will be retiring in early 2015.

Here at Seachange- we are excited for the future ahead, the leadership and the value that Direct Mail brings to marketers across the United States. We believe in continuous improvement, education and staying abreast of changes in the industry.

So no matter how big or small your direct mail project is- we are ready to help you reach your audience on time and within budget. It’s go time!


SeaChange Is Going Solar.

SeaChange will be installing 1,868 square feet of solar panels on the roof this spring.  These panels will generate 28,600 KWh per year.  Solar energy is a non-polluting renewable source of electricity.  It does not pollute the air like fossil fuels which release harmful gases like carbon dioxide.  While these panels will not supply all of the electricity our facility requires, it will reduce our overall annual consumption.  CO2 gases will be reduced by 24 tons annually.  Using alternative energy is just one more choice SeaChange has made to bring innovative solutions to our business – and the environment. 


We Are Expecting a Big Delivery.

While we purchased equipment from a previous entity when launching SeaChange, you can rest assured that’s just a starting point. In fact, we’re anxiously awaiting the December 15th operational launch of our newest addition: the KOMORI GL640C Sheetfed Press.

This six-color 28”x40” offset press includes a high capacity drier for specialty coatings and is set to go UV later this spring.  With the UV capabilities we’ll print on paper or plastics and offer exceptional ink hold on uncoated paper.  We’re especially excited about the eye-catching coatings and techniques — perfect for helping you create stand-out packaging.

You’ll find this press to have a 55” LCD display showing pdfs and live sheets.  It will be fully integrated into our prepress and MIS systems for maximized efficiency.  It’s a fast press, running 16,500 sheets per hour, and uses an automatic spectrometer to deliver color consistency throughout each run.

Our commitment to continually reducing our carbon footprint greatly contributed to our choice in the KOMORI GL640C.  Its lower use of consumables, lubricants and energy in addition to a 20% lower VOC emission rate made this decision one that fits just right with our sustainability initiatives.   

Stay tuned for more new technology and equipment. We’re just getting started.



Today at SeaChange, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for the following:

  • Our Employees.  Without you, we could not take care of our Customers.
  • Our Customers. Without you, we could not take care of our Employees.
  • Our Health.  Without this, we could not take care of our Customers and our Employees.

Your dedication to our Organization is the reason we are all here.  And as the holiday season begins, we are grateful for this time of year when we can gather and enjoy a holiday meal with our entire staff and feel the energy and joy from everyone within our transforming organization.

We will be taking time to spend with our friends and families and will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, November 27 and Friday, November 28.

From all of us at SeaChange  - Have a safe, warm and joyful Thanksgiving.


It's Time for a SeaChange.

SeaChange. It’s a word that means transformation. And today, we’re excited to welcome you to our new company, our blog and a whole new approach to printing.

We’ve bought assets and brought on employees from a previous enterprise. But that’s just a starting point. SeaChange is a new company with a new management team with a fresh approach. And we’re investing in new press equipment, digital equipment, technology and personnel. It’s the perfect balance between a start-up and an acquisition.

While you’ll hear us talk a lot about innovation in upcoming posts, the word you will also hear often is nimble. It’s a perspective that drives everything we do — and it’s at the core of our approach in the work we do.  You’ll notice it when you request your first quote. Expect it in a few hours – instead of the next day. Need proofs? You can expect those same day. And, you guessed it: Expect your projects to be turned around quickly too.

So welcome to SeaChange. We hope you’ll join us for the transformation. We’re ready.